Deaf Hospice Education Project

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A Hospice member

In 1998 a small group of Deaf and hearing people met in St. Paul, MN to discuss the barriers Deaf people face at the end of life. This initial weekend gathering was organized by The Deaf Hospice Education Project (DHEP), funded by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Social Justice Fund.

This kind of meeting had never happened before. Participants at the meeting talked about how

hospice organizations and the Deaf community could collaborate to help improve end-of-life care for Deaf people.

At the suggestion of a participant from Minnesota, a meeting was set up with Allina Hospice and Palliative Care to talk about including Deaf people in a 20-hour hospice volunteer orientation program. This marked the beginning of a four-year collaboration that has resulted in a number of pioneering efforts to connect the Deaf community with hospice.

It is important to understand that DHEP does not provide hospice services, but serves as a resource for hospice information. DHEP helps volunteers connect with hospice services so that services are provided quicker. DHEP also works to connect the Deaf community with hospices for better access to information.

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