MADC's code of conduct


MADC Board would like to share our Code of Conduct. Our President Jackie Correa-Alley has created an ASL vlog: MADC's Code of Conduct.
Please contact President Jackie Correa-Alley at if you have any questions. 

Image Description/Transcript:
Hispanic woman with white shoulder-length hair tied back at neck, wearing a short sleeved  black cardigan over a white shirt, and glasses in front of a black background.

Hello, my name is Jackie Correa-Alley. (show name sign*JC at left eye* ) I am President of MADC (Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens). I am making a vlog about (what?) two groups. The first group has a list of four things. The second group has a list of three things. 

We are concerned about the tone of recent comments and emails. We would like to share and remind (you) of our code of conduct regarding communication with the board, members, and community.

There are four things (in the first group).
1. Show up on time and come prepared. Be prepared to achieve meeting goals with a positive attitude.
2. Be mindful of other perspectives. Let everyone participate, be patient, and listen attentively to others.
3. Listen with an open mind and value learning from different inputs. You can respect another person’s perspective without agreeing with them.
4. Focus on the (one) problem. Respectfully challenge the issue/problem, not the person while being professional.

Now, the second group of things (are) the process that we will follow if any violation of the code of conduct is discovered:(pointing to three fingers in order from thumb to middle finger on her right hand)
*First violation will receive either a verbal or written warning. 
*Second violation will be asked to leave the meeting and receive a written warning.
*Third violation will result in the membership revoked for one year and banned from attending meetings during that time frame.

We, the MADC Board, value community input; your voice is important to us. We are working on creating an inclusive and safe environment where everyone is respected. We can achieve this together as a community. 

Thank you for your time. From MADC (Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens) Board

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