2021 MADC Conference update

Hello, MADC has an update from the Conference Committee regarding the 2021 Conference. It will be virtual due to challenges and concerns with COVID-19. Our members' safety is a priority. More information will be released soon about scheduling, awards, and few more. Thank you.

Image Description: Opening to Julie Pleski, white woman with black long sleeved shirt and shoulder length blond hair against a black background.

Transcript: Hello, my name is Julie Pleski (name sign of J along lower jawline twice), secretary of MADC, also Conference committee chairperson. Our committee wants to share some updates. There were some questions regarding reasons for the Zoom. Due to COVID-19, including concerns about the Delta variant, this conference will be held virtually (via Zoom) on Oct 8 and 9th for the safety of our members. The scheduling is still being discussed. No workshops will be held during the conference. What is being planned: Business meeting, Bylaws, Awards, Elections, and Discussion of priorities. Also, there will be a zoom training offered soon. More information will be sent out. If you have any questions, please email conference@minndeaf.org. Thank you.

Transiting to a slide: Against black background, white text appears: “ 2021 conference will be on Oct. 8 and 9 virtually (on Zoom) due to COVID-19. If questions, please email conference@minndeaf.org.”

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