Welcome to our new MADC Website!

Image description and transcript: Hispanic woman with white hair and black long-sleeved sweater with a tan shirt, wearing glasses in front of black background.

Hello, my name is Jackie-Correa-Alley. (Shows name sign of JC at left eye) I am the President of Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens (MADC).

We are excited to share with you about our new MADC website. We welcome everyone to look at the website when it opens. We will be announcing when the website is live which should be around early February. Please keep your eyes open for it! Our website will have the information related to MADC. We are thrilled to be with you all through the year on our MADC website.

The link (information) to our new website will remain the same, www.minndeaf.org. We hope that you will enjoy our new website. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Julie Pleski, (shows name sign of J sliding twice against lower left jaw) chairperson of the website. Her email is (julie.pleski@minndeaf.org). Thank you.

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