Announcement about MADC 2013 & 2019 Bylaws

Hello, our Vice President, Emily Smith-Lundberg, has a message for you about MADC 2013 and 2019 bylaws.

Image description/Transcript: Emily Smith-Lundberg, a white female with long dark blonde hair, wearing a long sleeved black top, signing in front of a black background.

Hello! My name is Emily Smith-Lundberg, Vice-President of MADC. One of my responsibilities as Vice-President is to chair the MADC bylaws committee. The bylaws committee met recently on Saturday, February 27th and we want to share what we learned from the meeting with you.

The previous bylaws committee (2017-2019) met frequently revising the 2013 bylaws to make proposed changes to be approved during the 2019 conference. The committee emailed a proposed draft to the community members on August 15th, 2019 to review the changes prior to the conference in October of 2019.

We, the current bylaws committee have been working closely with a nationally certified Deaf parliamentarian, Mark Apodaca, and we found out the proposed draft from August 2019 was not the same draft that was presented to the members during the 2019 conference. With Mark’s advice, he said the consequence of this is that the 2019 bylaws that we have been following are out of order, making the bylaws void.

Therefore, we are required to follow the most recent approved bylaws which are the 2013 bylaws. The bylaws committee will continue to work on proposed changes on the 2013bylaws using the 2019 bylaws committee notes to create a 2021 bylaws draft.

In the duration of working on the proposed changes, we will be sending out vlogs to update the community members of our proposed changes in phases to prepare for the bylaws discussion during our upcoming business meeting on October 8-9,2021.

We, MADC, will be sending out a copy of the 2013 bylaws to all members. We also will be adding these bylaws to our website. If you have any questions about the bylaws, please email me at

Thank you for your time in watching this video and for your ongoing support.

Emily Smith-Lundberg
Vice President
Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens

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