July 17 2021 MADC Board Meeting Announcement

Hello, our President Jackie Correa-Alley wants to announce that we are having a board meeting on Saturday, July 17th at 2 pm to 5 pm. The image description and transcript is below.  

We will have some time set aside for community comments. Please email our Secretary Julie Pleski at julie.pleski@minndeaf.org to sign up for a spot. Each sign up will be limited to one per person for three minutes. To sign up for a spot, the email must be sent before 8 pm on July 16th.Thank you. 

Transcript/image description:
Image description: Hispanic woman with brown skin, wearing glasses, a ring on left ring finger and black V-neck T-shirt, with shoulder-length curly gray hair  sitting in front of the black background.

Opening to President Jackie with a smile.
Hello community members, my name is Jackie Correa-Alley, president of MADC. (I am) announcing our (next) board meeting will take place (when?) on Saturday, July 17th; (time) 2:00 -5:00 pm and (where?) the meeting will take place via Zoom. If you need to make a request for accommodation, please contact me directly (jackie.correaalley@minndeaf.org and) I will request an interpreter.  Thank you.

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